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2012 eBook Software Guide

The right eBook software can Make or Break your chance to make money on your next eBook

If you want to produce high-quality eBooks using reputable software, select a brand from the best eBook software we’ve found on today’s market.

Here's the list of the 10 eBook software packages we've compared in our feature-by-feature guide.

Feel free to use this list if you would like to do your own research...


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Our most frequently asked question .

Why are you giving this valuable guide away for free? Is it worthless?


The eBook Software Guide is very worthwhile if you are considering making and distributing an eBook. We are giving it to you for free so that we may stay in touch with you and occasionally offer related products that we have painstakingly researched and feel are valuable. We never pressure you to purchase anything and you are welcome to remove your name from our list at any time.

The 2012 eBook Software Guide compares dozens of key features, similarities and differences between today’s leading eBook software, allowing you to zero in on the right package for you. We have spent over one month of trial-and-error effort before choosing the best eBook software solution for our projects. We would have gladly paid hundreds of dollars for the information contained in our report, but you won’t have to!



The first things to consider when purchasing and using eBook software are:

Other specific eBook software features you should look for:

Here is the good news and the better news: The good news is that the 2012 eBook Software Guide is free for you to use. The better news is that there are no strings attached - whatsoever!

*The use of this list is free. All electronic book (eBook) software vendors do not offer all features so research carefully. Individual vendors are responsible for the functionality and support of their eBook software.